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Carla's authentic handmade pastas and pestos have inspired thousands of people to fall in love with the taste of Northern Italy. Made from the freshest ingredients, Carla's delectable dishes can now be enjoyed in homes everywhere... mangia! Thanks to Cucina di Carla, you'll be fluent in Italian cooking! Look for all our delicioso creations in the freezer aisle of a store near you.

Our founder, Carla, came to this country filled with a love for the art of pasta. She spoke no english but the passion she had for traditional filled pastas, sauces and pestos needed no translation. In 1978, she opened her first store, and started to spread the gospel of fresh ingredients and amazing flavor, the tastes of her homeland.

She and her two sons, Sandro and Sergio, have carried this tradition of taste to homes and restaurants across the country. Thanks to them, there is nothing quite like Cucina Di Carla, and that's a great thing.

The Cucina di Carla Story


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